Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#24 "You're almost finshed, but..."

Just when you thought it was safe to jump into the water.... landshark!  Answering some questions:

What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?

Definitely my new life love Livebinders!! I plan to add that to my arsenal of online tool toys.  Overall I enjoyed creating the blog itself.  Though I have started blogs before I tend to lose interest before long.

How has this program affected your lifelong learning goals?
Hmm....  I tend to be a learner in general.  I am always looking for more things to try and it was fun trying some of them.

Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
One thing that surprised me was how difficult it was to get registered for some of these things.  It was definitely an uphill battle.

What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
Though I enjoyed some things, many others I just found tedious.  I tend to be fairly web savvy and I am always up for a new site or program, but some of them were just more trouble than they would be worth to me.  Also after a while I was overwhelmed with websites.

How will what you have learned influence your practice as a teacher?
The jury is still out on that.  While I can see the value of some of the things, having the time to design and integrate them is not easy to find.

How do you plan to keep up with new developments in web 2.0? Recommend a way that you have found to be useful.
I am on the web a lot and get a lot of exposure to the new "things" coming down the pike.  One way that has been interestingly useful for finding new "web 2.0" things has been Pinterest, yes Pinterest. It seems to be a website that I can easily follow and search.  It is also very current.

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